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Ottley (was Ray-J)

Ray-J/Ottley's Dad writes:

"Ottley's been with me for a little over two months now, and I'm happy to relate that we're both having a great time.  From the first night when he walked into his kennel in my bedroom and slept calmly and quietly he's felt comfortable here.  He walks on his leash perfectly -- no tugging, watches where I'm going and matches his pace to mine, and stops when I do.  After some looking around, I bought a vest and a waterproof coat for him from a place called K-9 Apparel, and even during the worst weather so far we've taken our three walks a day -- if I'm wearing cold or rain protection, so is he.  We tried boots and although they were a failed experiment this year we'll try them next winter.

So far he's learned to Kennel, Lay down, and Sit from vocal commands, is now working on Stay, and seems to enjoy learning new things (and the treats and extra affection he earns while learning and doing them.)  After a week or so he and my cat finally did a nose to nose greeting, and while I don't expect them to be best buds they coexist very well together.  Both will be found relaxing near my easy chair in the evening.

Ottley also has a pleasantly goofy side: when we play he sometimes rolls on his back and waves his legs around (gotta see it to really appreciate it) and when my adult daughter visited he and she ended up playing like puppies, play bows, happy circles, even two quiet "woofs" -- which are the only barks he's uttered since he's been here.

I'm very glad Ottley and I chose each other, and would like to thank all those affiliated with Northern Greyhound Adoptions who made it possible.  Keep up the good work.

Mar., 23, 2011


Ray-J is just a nice nice boy - with the shiniest coat - a stunner!

  • Registered Name: Raider Dynamite
  • Sex: Male
  • Adopted on: Jan 11th, 2011
  • Color: Black
  • Right ear tattoo:
  • Left ear tattoo: 37167
  • Birthday: Apr 6th, 2006
  • Arrived at NGA: Jul 24th, 2010

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